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Hi, Neighbor is really a stealth terror game about slipping in to your Neighbor’s home to work out exactly what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the cellar. You perform against an innovative AI that learns in the every movement.

Enjoying scaling through that garden window. Anticipate a bear snare. Sneaking through the front entrance, There will be cameras soon. Attempting to escape, The Neighbor will discover a shortcut and grab you

Hidden Neighbor is similar to Hi Neighbor’s expansion and complete edition. This means we are likely to play the portion of an person who has moved to the suburbs. We discovered our name seemed suspicious.


By way of instance, here, you will find important improvements. Contrary to in Hidden Neighbor, our objective is to rescue our partner, who’s stored in the cellar from the Nighbor. It’s imperative to learn that we’re able to customize and perform one of many infants.

Just about any thing we heard existed inside this match’s very first edition. However communicating with other people is the key to functionality. The match will scan and play our buddies for eight games. The player himself would be the Neighbor who’s only a boy concealed.


The target of the sport is to slip efficiently into the home’s cellars to find a secret. The game’s artificial intelligence simplifies the Neighbor’s behaviour based on previous acts of this participant, for example trapping the paths which were chased at a prior effort.


On the other hand, the participant may use the settings from the sport to proceed to your friendly neighbor manner that prevents the Neighbor from placing such traps and leaves him violent. The sport is played at the first individual.

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